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YouTube social strategy, growing social audiences, and Buckeye Tags

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YouTube Shorts: Using Shortform Video to Drive Consumption of Longform

Considering it’s the platform that’s been around the longest, it always surprises me how many people underestimate the power of YouTube. We’ve been asked about Threads more this year than we have YouTube.

That’s missing the mark (and inspired us to make this meme).

So, why YouTube?

Well, for one, it’s owned by Google. And, YouTube videos and audience growth make a world of difference when it comes to Google search results and rankings.

Second, it’s the dominant platform for Millennials and Gen Z. Don’t believe me? This study proves my point.

If you run a company or brand that wants to reach people under the age of 30, we highly recommend investing into YouTube. At the very least, you should be posting every video you create for other platforms on YouTube.

That includes short form vertical videos for YouTube shorts.

When YouTube launched Shorts, it was their first step into creating a pipeline of people watching short form content first and eventually getting them to watch long form of the same channel or topic.

Now, they’ve finally made the link direct to where you can link Shorts and Long form video together to let your audience know they can click through for more.

Investing into YouTube takes a little more planning and time than other platforms. But, if done properly, it will pay off big dividends long term.


Texas Golf Association Social Media

GSC began working with the Texas Golf Association in September 2022 to help manage social media strategy across all of its accounts. Texas is one of the biggest state golf associations in the country and had all the right elements to be successful.

So, what was missing? A quarterback.

Texas simply needed someone to call the plays. We’ve worked with the team to implement an in season and offseason content strategy where we spend the core golf season months focused on event coverage and the offseason months focused on member benefits.

For tournaments, we helped the staff create a Tier system based on field size and staff available to create realistic content targets at each event. Going into every tournament, the staff working that event has a simple shot list to take care of.

Simple, right? The results have been massive.

Since September 2022, TGA’s total audience on social media has grown over 1,000% and is on track to more than double this calendar year. Even with all that growth, the average engagement rate across all platforms is still over 5%, a number we’re all very proud of.

So, what’s the takeaway here?

You can have all the best skill players, but without a QB, your team isn’t going to succeed.

Take a step back and re-evaluate your approach to content and staffing. Are you putting your people in a position to succeed? Or, are you expecting one too many things where content and social media fall through the cracks?

Want our help? We’d love to hear from you and schedule a consultation call.


Buckeye Tags

Alright, we’re biased on this one. But, we wanted to highlight our friends at Buckeye Tags who helped us create some sweet looking gifts for our recent GSC company outing, Space Camp (more on that another time).

Buckeye Tags makes bespoke golf themed gifts that are perfect for company outings, golf trips, or just small batch runs for personal use.

Check ‘em out:


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