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Tracking social media success, event content coverage, and fresh Jordans

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Using Tags to Track Social Media Content Performance

You can’t argue with statistics. At Golf Space Collective, we’re big believers in blending art and science when it comes to tracking success for clients on social media. 

Sometimes, it’s obvious the types of content that overperform on your channels, but do you have a system set up to track it all and definitively know what’s best? 

That’s why we use tags within Sprout Social to tag all client posts with content pillars. 

Content pillars are the main themes or topics that your company/brand focuses on in its social media strategy. By using Sprout Social's tagging feature, you can label each post with the corresponding content pillar, making it easier to analyze and compare the performance of different content types.

To implement this tagging strategy, follow these steps:

  • Define content pillars: Identify the primary themes or topics that make up the organization's social media content strategy.

  • Create custom tags in Sprout Social: Set up custom tags corresponding to each content pillar within the platform.

  • Tag each post: As content is published or scheduled, add the appropriate content pillar tag to each post.

By using Sprout Social's tagging feature to analyze content performance, you can continuously refine and optimize your social media strategy. Based on the insights gained from tag performance analysis, you can:

  • Allocate resources to high-performing content pillars: Focus on creating more content within the themes or topics that generate the highest engagement.

  • Experiment with underperforming content pillars: Identify opportunities to improve engagement for lower-performing content pillars by adjusting content formats, posting times, or messaging.

  • Make data-driven decisions for future content creation: Use the insights from tag performance analysis to inform ongoing content planning and decision-making.


Excel Sports + Mizuho Americas Open

How do you create a voice for a new tournament at an iconic venue like Liberty National Golf Club? That’s what we did this year when we partnered with Excel Sports to help manage all content and social media operations for the inaugural Mizuho Americas Open.

One of our biggest beliefs with content: don’t overthink it.

The week of the event we focused on three main things:

  1. The unique AJGA component of the event with LPGA pros playing alongside the AJGA’s stars on the weekend.

  2. The natural beauty of LGNC and the New York City skyline.

  3. The most anticipated LPGA Tour pro debut in decades (Rose Zhang)

Developing a simple strategy heading into the event makes in the moment decisions easier. Covering a large scale event means there will be hundreds of moments to capture over the course of six days.

Incredible visuals paired with competitive drama is always a recipe for success when covering golf tournaments. A few numbers from the week of work:

2.2 million impressions 63,500 engagements 569 total posts

Looking for someone to help with your golf event content strategy? Give us a shout.


The best way IMO that Jordan hits the "Country Club" style. Pair this White/Khaki Jordan shoe with Khaki shorts and literally ANY color (except maybe Black) and look fire from head to toe.

This colorway brings in the ability to pair so many more golf shirts from your collection with Khaki shorts and these shoes. If you're into versatility, these wheels are for you.


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