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Golf Space Collective bringing in-depth expertise to golf landscape

As the golf industry continues to see record growth and interest -- both on the commercial and recreational sides -- companies and tournaments are looking for ways to reach audiences in spaces they might not traditionally have looked and are turning to an agency born by golfers to reach their goals.

Golf Space Collective is a digital marketing agency founded by Preston McClellan, Micah Griffo and Bryan Ford. The three realized how much they had been working for each other in their previous careers and their experience of disconnect when it came to working with agencies that might not understand the game as much. During his time with the PGA Tour, McClellan worked with Griffo and Ford on projects ranging from tournament social media to athlete and influencer strategies.

“I always thought about how much time I was spending, educating creators about golf,” McClellan said. “Like you’re a graphic designer and you’ve never played golf before, but you’re trying to do this campaign for us, so I’ve got to educate you about the nuances of the sport and the PGA Tour.” 

McClellan said that thought led to the crux of the idea that is now Golf Space Collective: marketing for golfers by golfers. So, in April 2022 -- after leaving the PGA Tour and doing a stint as an individual consultant -- McClellan joined forces with Griffo and Ford, who were heading up a small marketing agency, to form a new firm that would launch two months later in June. 

Since then, Golf Space Collective has worked with some of the most recognizable names in the sports including the World Golf Hall of Fame, AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am, Chevron Championship and Excel Sports Management -- and the various tournaments it hosts.

World Golf Hall of Fame CEO Greg McLaughlin said his relationship with McClellan dates back to his time running the PGA Tour Champions where McClellan helped introduce social media to the over-50 crowd of the tour’s base. That relationship led McLaughlin to reach out as the World Golf Hall of Fame prepared for its first induction ceremony at its new home in Pinehurst, N.C.

McLaughlin said having GSC’s expertise has helped them break through and claim a part of the pie when it comes to social exposure. “Their experience and knowledge of the game that they bring is really imperative because you have to appeal to the traditional golfer and find something that they're going to find interesting that they're going to want to engage in and learn a little bit more about it.”

McClellan pointed to the agency's work with the LPGA’s Mizuho Americas Open -- run by Excel Sports Management -- where they worked with the tournament to generate brand awareness in the largest market in the U.S. McClellan said GSC and its partners collaborated with the NBA to get the Larry O’Brien Trophy on-site at Liberty National Golf Club near Manhattan and provide a boost for the inaugural event.

At the start of the year, GSC acquired Ascend Studio and added golf production veteran Kris Brant as head of production/event strategy. McClellan said the acquisition will help GSC increase its client base and create a one-stop shop for clients. Brant noted the potential for growth comes with an opportunity for GSC to do things they previously wouldn’t have tried. He said documentary-style productions have become wildly popular and a place where “there is a gap in the market” for the product....



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