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Get Your Competitive Juices Going with AGS & Puma's Golf Shoe Debut

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Growing the Game, For Real

“Grow the game.”

We hear that all the time in golf, and we do believe in getting more people to experience this wonderful and ridiculous game that we all love. So, when we get the chance to work with a client that really does help grow the game, we get excited. 

AGS offers a flexible platform for golfers of all skill levels to play competitive golf on their schedule. It hosts weekly tour events, provides a user-friendly app for event registration and finding playing partners, and offers season-long leaderboards and prizes. Members benefit from advanced tee time access at top public courses, discounts on golf products and services, and a community connection through a virtual clubhouse. Membership includes a Handicap Index and aligns with local golf associations for additional benefits​. 

We’ve been working with AGS for a few months now focusing on marketing strategy and partnership development. 

  • Email Marketing: GSC crafted bespoke email marketing campaigns for AGS, leveraging its expertise to engage existing members while attracting new ones. The campaigns were tailored to resonate with the golfing community, ensuring high open rates and interaction.

  • Social Media Management: By managing AGS’s social media platforms, GSC significantly enhanced online presence and follower engagement. The strategy included content creation, community engagement, and leveraging influencers within GSC's network to drive awareness. Leveraging our community engagement tactics, we’ve grown AGS’s audience by over 100%. 

  • Industry Connections: GSC’s established presence in the golf industry opens doors to partnerships, sponsorships, and collaborations that AGS might not have accessed on its own. This includes relationships with key industry players, brands, and influencers.

What makes our company so unique in this space is the ability to leverage our clients to help each other. Win-win situations in golf are far more common than you may think. 

Puma Enters the Classic Golf Shoe Space with the "Avant"

A long-time look and feel dominated by Footjoy with the Classic/Tradition/Premiere lines has some new competition. Historically, Puma's style has been "sporty" with their shoes. They recently released the Avant which is a spikeless shoe that encapsulates the classic look and delivers an athletic feel. It's offered in both Wingtip (shown here) and Standard for a $140 price point. Certainly, a shoe to check out if you're looking to add some classic style to your look. Check 'em out here.


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