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X (Twitter?), Chambers Bay case study, & PAYNTR's new golf spikes

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X (Twitter?) and the Algorithm

Twitter (X?) - whatever it’s called (we’re going to call it Twitter for this email), it’s never been easier to grow on the platform.

Why? The algorithm being used to surface tweets on the For You page is literally out in the open to take advantage of.

Here’s a quick screenshot overview of the code behind Twitter’s algorithm.

Key Twitter Algorithm takeaways:

- Replies are worth 27X a retweet

- Replying to those replies from your account are worth 75X

What does this mean? Creating content that drives conversation is paramount. And, then, you must reply and engage in that conversation from your account. No more posting, scheduling, and leaving.


Chambers Bay

Modern golf and marketing: a match made in the Pacific Northwest.

Less than a year after opening its doors, the USGA named Chambers Bay to the U.S. Amateur and U.S. Open Championship; a concession typically reserved for the likes of Winged Foot, Shinnecock, and Oakmont. Seemingly overnight, a star was born.

A heightened level of global attention presents interesting challenges to a public golf course, albeit a respective behemoth like Chambers Bay. How do you balance output with self-care?

Our initial process began with a full audit of the technology, workflow systems, and public-facing channels. From there, GSC built and executed strategies for email and social communications, as well as orchestrated the migration to a modern tech stack to increase efficiency and streamline the internal team's marketing workflow.

Since then? Chambers Bay has been booked out months in advance for golf, allowing the course to focus on attracting special events and opening up new revenue streams through experiences.

GSC continues to manage email marketing and advise Chambers on marketing strategy. With open rates above 60% and click through rates over 7%, GSC’s proven email marketing track record continues to drive business and revenue for Chambers Bay.


Remember the old days of metal spikes? Now that we’re feeling old, let’s dive into the most comfortable golf shoes we’ve come across in a long time.

PAYNTR (est. 2020) is a new kid on the block in the golf shoe game and the spike design on these harken back to the classic era of metal spikes.

Traction? That won’t be an issue with PAYNTR.

Pair that with a modern design and a ridiculously comfortable feel, and we’re huge fans of this brand.

Check ‘em out:

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