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The perils of under-hiring, WPGA marketing overhaul, and Nike’s hottest new drop

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Stop Trying to Hire One Person to Do Seven Marketing Jobs

Email Marketing. Social Media. Video Editing. Graphic Design. Copywriting. SEO. Website Design.

Those. Are. All. Different. Jobs.

Please–I’m seriously begging–please, stop posting job descriptions where you list all of these things in one position (usually a very junior level position, too). We see this far too often in sports and in golf.

Hint: you’re searching for a unicorn. If that person existed, I promise you I would have hired them already. That person certainly doesn’t exist for 50-70K annually.

Instead of searching for a unicorn, try this:

  • Look in the mirror and do a better job understanding what your organization needs now, next month, and next year.

  • Then, prioritize who you hire based on that.

Your organization is going to get more out of hiring an expert in one of the areas highlighted above vs. someone who is mediocre at a few of them.

This great screenshot from Tommy Clark on LinkedIn (seriously go follow him) illustrates my point.


Client Case Study: Western Pennsylvania Golf Association (WPGA)

Golf Space Collective was hired earlier this year to work with the Western Pennsylvania Golf Association to develop a 2023 Communications and Marketing game plan. Like many Allied Golf Associations, the WPGA has been experiencing rapid growth and wanted to be able to take advantage of that and better tell its story.

We partnered with our friends at the Rally Dept to conduct an in-depth review of the WPGA’s current brand positioning, storytelling efforts, and marketing/communications strategies.

Seeing that the WPGA had a solid foundation of events and recently expanded its staff, we delivered an in-depth, actionable report to the WPGA staff focused on the following:

  1. Content Themes + Templates

  2. Tech Stack Optimization

  3. Brand Storytelling

We partnered with the team to develop email templates and customer journeys, create a robust series of social media templates, standardize the appearance of their brand across platforms, and much more.

The takeaway? Sometimes, organizations just need a fresh set of eyes. The WPGA has been around for 124 years and has an incredible story to tell. We just helped them develop a better plan to tell it.

Take a look at the small sampling of fresh creative we produced for the team at the WPGA.


Cactus Jack AJ1 Low Golf Shoe


The HOTTEST drop of the year is about to go down THIS Friday, 10/13! Rapper, Travis Scott has teamed up with Nike/Jordan in a collab to drop a Cactus Jack AJ1 Low Golf Shoe.

Both golfers and non-golfers are clamoring to get a pair of these as the resale value of these shoes is well over $1,000. They will only be $170 to you if you can get your hands on a pair through the lottery system that Nike has.

In-store purchases are available as well at select retailers. A store in London has backed the golf community and deterred resellers from getting their hands on a pair by forcing interested buyers to hit a drive over 200 yards in two attempts.

This is a GREAT idea to get these shoes into the hands of the ones who truly want them!


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