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Social Media First Impressions, PUTTR’s website rebrand, and Ryder Cup themed Nikes

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Social Media is Today’s First Impression

First impressions are one of the most important interactions customers/fans/people will have with your brand.

It’s crucial to do everything you can to own that first impression. And, today, that first impression often comes from social media.

This example from Justin Welsh does a great job of explaining how many the “attention” funnel works in today’s digital world.

Ask yourself this question:

If I had never encountered my brand before today, what would my first impression be on each platform?

  • How do I show up in Google search?

  • What are my pinned posts on Instagram?

  • Do I have a compelling homepage to our website?

At GSC, we’re big believers in the digital first impression. Sure, there’s plenty more work beyond that. But, do you really want to spend time recovering from someone with a bad first impression?


At Golf Space Collective, we have a go-to saying about Marketing: Marketing Strategy needs to actually do something, not just look pretty.

First impressions are everything like we just said, right? We put our money where our mouth is with our client PUTTR, helping to overhaul both the UI and UX of the site.

  • User-Centric Design: We partnered with PUTTR to develop a visually appealing website focused on delivering an unmatched user experience. Every aspect, from navigation to layout, was optimized for PUTTR's audience.

  • Customized Customer Journeys: We analyzed PUTTR's audience to identify and address user pain points, resulting in tailored pathways for easy exploration of their products and resources.

  • Aesthetic Excellence: Our collaboration birthed a design that reflects PUTTR's brand essence, combining sophistication and innovation in a captivating visual presentation.

  • Effortless Integration: We integrated advanced features like user-friendly product interfaces, e-commerce functions, and dynamic content, ensuring a smooth interaction with PUTTR's brand.

Add in some effective PR, social media, and relationship building, and the results speak for themselves.


These special edition Air Max 1 '86 OG come in Team USA and Team Europe themes. If you haven't tried these on, they're some of the most comfortable golf shoes we've worn. An easy transition from the course to lifestyle and easy to wear to support your team next week at the Ryder Cup.

The only downside with these shoes is the lack of traction with the spikeless soles on Nike shoes. They're great for dry climates but dewy mornings in the North East can be slippery.

Get yours the day before the Ryder Cup matches start on 9/28!


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