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New Year; New GSC

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Golf is still having a moment and growing at unprecedented levels, so we’re expanding to fulfill the demand. 

We’re stoked to announce that we’ve acquired Ascend Studio and that Kris Brant is joining GSC as a partner and Head of Production/Event Strategy. 

Kris and his business fit our mission exactly: golfers turned marketers that can tell your brand’s story in a way that only real golfers can. 

From working at the PGA TOUR to covering the world’s biggest events (Olympics, Ryder Cup, Kentucky Derby and more), Kris’s team brings a wealth of experience in golf event production. 

With this addition, we believe there’s no company better suited to bring your story to life than the one we’ve built at GSC. 

Learn more about Kris’s background:

“Everyone has a story,” is the motto that Kris Brant lives by. After receiving his Masters from NYU’s documentary film program, he launched a career based around that very principle. Kris spent several years in New York City working for major media outlets before transitioning into the world of sports. He’s a jack-of-all-trades visual storyteller and brings over a decade of industry experience to the table. Also, being the son of a professional golfer - the game is in his DNA. Kris has filmed or photographed over 200 events in 12 countries in his career and hopes to hit 30 countries before he turns 40.

Fun fact:

Has a degree in Marine Biology from the University of North Florida where he did research on coral reefs.

Favorite golf course:

North Berwick Golf Club in Scotland


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