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Finding new prospects, long-term partnership value, and Masters Themed TW '13

Updated: Jan 2

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The Digital Cold Call: Tactics for Finding New Prospects and Followers on Instagram

To break through the clutter in today’s social media landscape, sometimes the best method is direct outreach. But, how do you find relevant prospects and followers on a platform like Instagram with over a billion users?

We use a very straightforward strategy that’s easy to replicate: the 3-2-1 method.

The 3-2-1 Method applies a basic sales philosophy to the world of Instagram in order to create additional brand awareness and engagement for your account. Each day, find 25 relevant accounts to engage with. Then, do the following:

3: Like 3 of the posts from the account

2: Comment on two of the account's recent posts

1: Reply to one of the account's Instagram stories

How do you find the 25 relevant accounts? The easiest way is to find highly engaged and followed golf accounts from your geographic area and go in and target the people liking and commenting on that account's posts.

By engaging 25 new accounts per day, you can guarantee that your organization's Instagram account can interact with 750 new profiles per month. At an average conversion rate of 5-10%, that's adding 35-75 new followers per month.


Texas Golf Association and the Value of Long-Term Partnerships

Consistency is a superpower that we all have access to, and that applies to clients and relationships in the professional world, too. At Golf Space Collective, we’re proud to be entering the third year of our relationship with the Texas Golf Association, and the long-term results we’re achieving showcase the power of partnerships.

When we first partnered with the Texas Golf Association, we had a few main objectives:

  • Grow their social media presence to reach more Texans (and younger Texans) that would be members of the TGA

  • Increase awareness of TGA for existing members

  • Create a value added program for member benefits to offer value beyond the GHIN Handicap

  • Increase email open and click through rates while driving more membership renewals and conversions

So, we immediately got to work helping TGA build out a proper content strategy for email and social media while starting work behind the scenes to modernize the existing tech stack.

The moral of the story here? This all takes time. It’s not a project - it’s a process. And, to do things right, you have to have trusted partners.

At Golf Space Collective, we pride ourselves on becoming members of the team for our clients. We do our best to learn the business as well as an internal employee would and to feel invested in the growth that our clients experience.

Some numbers to showcase some of the success we’ve had so far with the TGA:

  • Added 7,000+ followers across social media (a net increase of 916%).

  • Maintained an average engagement rate of 5% for all content on all platforms.

  • Crafted and refined customer journey flows that have successfully welcomed over 25,000+ members (both new and returning) to the TGA.

  • Achieved an increase in open rates and click-through rates across the board, leading to heightened engagement.

  • Developed a member winback journey that has significantly improved overall retention rates.

  • Maintained a consistent open rate of over 40% and a remarkable 2.0% click rate, demonstrating our commitment to member engagement and long-term relationships.

  • Fully cleaned and refreshed the email database to ensure accuracy and relevance.


Masters Themed TW '13's JUST Dropped

On the 10th anniversary, NIKE came out with some FIRE. Releasing just this week on Monday, we have the TW '13 in styled in Masters Green and Gold. This retro design gives us ALL the feels.

One feature these shoes have that we love is the sole that's LOADED with nubs and spikes everywhere for full traction. Some say they were made to handle Tiger's aggressive swing and we believe it when you see the tread on the bottom.

Scope these LIMITED EDITION release shoes today in the NIKE app. With rumblings of NIKE and Tiger parting ways, these may be the last ones ever made...


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