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Event coverage do's & don'ts, finding your strengths, & SuperStroke makes bags?

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Event Coverage Beyond Social Media

Here at GSC, we’ve had a busy fall managing content operations for events on the LPGA Tour, PGA TOUR, and Champions Tour. What does a successful week look like on social media when covering big-time golf events?

That’s a nuanced question, and it gets into the value of content beyond social media.

The main purpose of the content, of course, is to showcase the tournament experience. But, the reason events should hire content teams for the week go far beyond social media.

Tournaments make money in two main ways: ticket sales and local hospitality sales/sponsorships.

How do you showcase the experience of the event to entice fans and sponsors?


That’s why we always try to make sure our clients understand that when you hire us, you’re not just getting pretty visuals for social media. You’re getting an all-encompassing strategy that allows you to over-deliver to numerous stakeholders involved.

Want to see some of our work from the fall? Take a look at the accounts below.


Branding Exercise: Value Mining

Measuring your brand against a variety of competitors is a powerful way to uncover and effectively articulate potential strengths. Your brand's significance is always determined by how it stacks up against other choices available to consumers. The differences between your brand and others often hold the key to identifying your unique selling points.

- Create a list of competitor brands, including those you most commonly compete against.

- Create another list outlining the key distinctions between your brand and each of the competitors.

- Brainstorm over the potential benefits that each difference could provide to a consumer. Even the differences that might seem negative can be pivoted to present unique value. Example:

  • Difference: The Nintendo Switch isn't as powerful as the PlayStation or Xbox.

  • Benefit: Its compactness makes it portable, introducing a different gaming experience.

- Review each benefit and consider these questions to determine possible value propositions:

  • Are certain benefits mentioned more often than others?

  • Can you group several value snippets to form a single value proposition?

  • Do you notice any recurring themes?

- Create an “information hierarchy” that compiles all of your brand’s value-props.

  • Rank them based on their impact to the overall offering.

  • Combine related benefits into groups to create more digestible messaging.


SuperStroke Makes Bags?

In a recent post on social media, SuperStoke announced they released a new line of bags, The Pantheon. With two stand options and one cart starting at $349, these bags look sick.

A minimalist dream as they only offer two colors in Black and White, it offers plenty of pockets but is not overwhelming. A nice feature is the Magnetic front pocket that opens more like a flap for quick access. No more fumbling around with a zipper is nice when you're moving quick. The bag also comes with a matching putter grip as well.

Check out the new line at the link below:


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